Friday, February 10, 2017

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's been a long time I'm not update my blog...ya I'm busy with my hectic..n also busy with my pregnancies..not really in a good mood..maybe because I'm still alahan with certain food..make me I'm 26 weeks of my far ok except my weight not gain for this month..think I already ate a lot..ok..the special of 20 august bcoz is my anniversary and my little princess birthday..its been 4 years I already married to my true man..many things n down but here we still together again..year by years..we try to be mature in any decision..try build our own family...n I'm so lucky bcoz with still together..and I always pray that we will be together till the end of my true man..even sometimes I never showed u my love..maybe I'm not the typical women that always show their caring..but I showed it in my way..I care about u..every're my half..n deeply in my heart always be one can replace it..forever and I'm so lucky because I married you..I love u..and also to my dear princess..happy birthday're 3 years already..I love u so life is full of love with you..I'm hope u will be a really good kid to u always.. Ok we celebrated the event at tgi fridays..and more focusing at aina's the pic..

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Friday, June 4, 2010


I can't remember the exact day I took aina to sogo..aina always said want to go to kl..naik bas la..keretapila..which is kalo bas confirmla I don't I just took her to kl by lrt excited si kenit..yerla kata first time..we just go to sogo..saje senang coz lrt terus situ..tapi as usual mestila beli2 skit2..but cannot tahan aina balikla..she so excited and always said aina nak gi kl lagi naik lrt..we ate at restaurant thai same level with the sogo's foodcourt..
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Famous thai

This at famous thai masalam..the food there really awesome..
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Tony roma's

Can't remember when I ate at tony..I want to try steak at there since one of my friends said the steak was delicious..but for me just nice..but I love sauce at
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Birthday treat..

Last tuesday was my hubby bezday..happy birthday dear..semoga panjang umur n murah u I treat him at fridays...

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need energy..

Lately I really2 felt tired..tired of everything..I don't know how to do to make all body is not really can take more work..pressure etc..aina got fever again fews day ago..before this she already got fever around 2 weeks really tired take care of her..even she active but I'm still worried since she have history been at hospital I really worried when she only got fever..but can you tell me no mothers don't worry about her child right..since she sick I lost my appetite which is really make me weak since I I can't ate rice which make me always energy..I have many things to handle at my work place..I need energy but I just can' I just ate bread and I always hungry..I know I have to be strong and I really tried it harder..I just want aina to get well..and alhamdulillah she already get well. I love her and when she sick I can't think anything except her..that's why I lost my appetite..I try eat for my baby..and try do work even sometimes can't look at my notebook..sometimes felt wanna work at home but when I work at home lagila lupe makan buat least kat office have dilla to remind me to eat..tapi nak bawak keter pun malas..dahla aina makin manja n layan jer even kadang2 xsaba je..nipun baru pas mengamuk xtentu pasal si aina ni..penat kot minum susu and watch her movie..I always pray I can have more energy to do all the things like before..ameen..kayla nak peluk aina supaya die tido..daaa
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